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Accounting and Auditing Research (9th ed.) Published by Wiley

SOA Professor Tom Pearson co-authored the 9th edition of Accounting and Auditing Research: Tools and Strategies. This Wiley textbook is used by many universities enhancing accounting education all over the country.

Phenomenal Research Record by SOA's Asso. Prof. Jung

Associate Professor Boo-Chun Jung four ‘A hits’ (in Journal of Accounting and Economics and Contemporary Accounting Research) is an outstanding record exceeding many accounting faculty at prominent universities around the world. 

"Anticipate Future Earnings" Published in Preeminent Journal

SOA Director Hamid Pourjalali, the Donald A. Corbin Distinguished Professor in Accounting, published “The Impact of IAS No. 27 on the Market's Ability to Anticipate Future Earnings” in Contemporary Accounting Research.

Leading Auditing Research Published by SOA Prof. Jian Zhou

SOA Professor Jian Zhou received the College's Shirley M. Lee Research award. He published "Languages and Earnings Management" in the Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Decisions for Family Firms

The Accuity LLP Accounting Faculty Fellowship Assistant Professor of Accounting Tawei (David) Wang co-authored an article entitled "the association between financial reporting quality and investment decisions for family firms."

Earnings Forecast Revisions based on Bond Rating Changes

Shidler College Distinguished Associate Professor Boochun Jung co-authored an article entitled “When Do Stock Analysts Look to Bond Analysts? Evidence from Earnings Forecast Revisions to Bond Rating Changes” published in Accounting and Business Research.

Internal Control Material Weaknesses

The Lloyd Fujie / Deloitte Foundation Distinguished Professor of Accounting Jian Zhou has co-authored an article entitled “Individualism and Internal Control Material Weaknesses around the World in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

XBRL Adoption and Market Reactions

The Accuity LLP Accounting Faculty Fellowship Assistant Professor of Accounting Tawei (David) Wang published “The Association between XBRL Adoption and Market Reactions” in Journal of Information Systems.

Anticipating Future Earnings

The Donald A Corbin Distinguished Professor of Accounting Hamid Pourjalali published “The Impact of IAS No 27 on the Market's Ability to Anticipate Future Earnings,” in Contemporary Accounting Research.

Improving Investment Efficiency

The Donald A Corbin Distinguished Professor of Accounting Hamid Pourjalali and the Shidler College Distinguished Associate Professor Boochun Jung published “Does International Accounting Standard No 27 Improve Investment Efficiency?” in Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

Transfer Pricing Knowledge Management Systems

Professor of Accounting Tom Pearson co-authored with Visiting Professor Christian Plesner Rossing from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, an article entitled “Transfer Pricing Knowledge Management Systems” in International Transfer Pricing Journal.

Leveraging XBRL for Value

Shidler College Distinguished Professor of Accounting Roger Debreceny co-authored two papers: “Leveraging XBRL for Value in Organizations,” published by the International Federation of Accountants and ISACA, and “Flex or Break?

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